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Just as idea. Implement to Aalto engine some eco \ lo-fi mode, wich can be more lightweight for CPU, but as optional mode ofcourse (by wish). And which would allowed the degradation of sound quality (for example sometimes I really find a cruel aliasing as a interesting FX).

Thus, i think it would be also interesting as some new timbre way (include for already existing presets, it would be fun to see to them with another angle).

And even better if such modes would be more than one :) (with different algorithms).

Randy thanks for reply. It would be really good. I do not know, in my opinion is a very important detail (because one of the most important Aalto aspects it use as a generator, without bind to the sequencer).
Also need mention that as i said in v1.5 it was work.

Yep,"good" optimization. No, nonetheless i hope it's a bug.

Oh damn.Just now i found something in this issue (in v161). Look as follow: "mod cc#" starts work (flashes and modulated) only if first send to aalto any "note on" command (from pianoroll for example). But before triggering by note on - mod cc# will not take any cc signal.

Installed back v1.5 now, all ok with this immediately. But need note that in 1.6.1 exactly character of indication (flashes) performed\optimized better (more clearer and brighter).
Also in v1.5 there some "afterimage" (or dont know how it will be in english), when cc indicator stay lit even after signal reception.

In general, will wait to fix for 1.6.1

Thetechnobear Thanks for reply, but you tried on Mac only, perhaps the prjblem just in windows\32bit version.

[q]perhaps a Windows or host (daw) related issue? which daw? does the mod input flash?[/q]

No, as i said i check also Kaivo on this issue - if problem would was in host then Kaivo also would have this issue. Daw different - studio one and ableton, reproduced in both. Mod input flash indicator not work, respectively. And as i said in Kaivo it work (flashes and modulated).

Oh, Randy, it seems midi input for "Mod CC#" channel just not work. I tried just now, strange. And for just in case tried the same with Kaivo - all ok with this, midi input work and indicated fine there. Check please.
OS Win7 64bit \ DAW 32bit and Aalto VST 32bit (v161)

Randy thanks....AND MAKE KAIVO THEN ! :))))))))

In principle, i can understand the feeling of Randy. All of these smartphones, tablets, thousands OS versions, different awry hosts\plugins formats, can go crazy AHAHAAHAH :D why the hell is it all. Nor any megamind in the world do not get to be compatible all with all. Damn, where normal times, when there were only two formats.

Thanks Randy. Wait for Kaivo update (wires control possibilities for dry\wet dials of Body and Resonator).

I`m about patches for modulation dry\wet of Resonator and Body.
(But there seems to not be enough UI space for the disks?)
Well, let it be as a think.
It would be good as additional "sculpting" possibilities.

Randy ok thanks, really will be useful mod.

Randy, else some thoughts about load samples in x32 space.

The problem is that on x32 bit OS can load only 3-4 Kaivo instances (then RAM fully loaded). I understand that can manually reduce the size of samples library (but then of course the factory presets will not work correctly).

Maybe it would be possible in future to make the some switch to mode, at which the samples were loaded not all at once into memory, but only those that are currently being used in preset?

In addition, it seems strange to me that one loaded Kaivo instance take about 300 mb, but folder with the factory samples weighs about 100 mb. Maybe and with this something can do (may even a bug)?

Win7 x32 Daw Studio One

O ok thanks!

I try import samples now - work ok for me. (Studio One 2.6.2, Win7 x32), tested on short and longer than 8sec wavs.

O good news! looks interesting, thanks Randy.

+1 it would be useful

Randy at first thanks for Kaivo, twisted it over night, really powerful stuff.

Now, about noticed the problem areas:

1a) It is possible situation when in Body Mode list selected state "None", but if try turn "body mix wet" knob then hear difference (ie some Mode are works). And then if just reselect mode again to None, body effect disappears.

Example preset which reproduce it: Kaivo Textures\doorway rhythms

1b) BTW maybe something wrong with just this preset ? Try do this:
Open Kaivo, and now open "Doorway rhythms", then try up Level (gate level), will be heard not only "doorway" wav, but also some phantom wave, form which sometimes depends on the previous preset (but it's exactly not the effect from resonator or body)

2) Sometimes after preset change, chorus tumbler may be visual in the wrong position, but if you simply move mouse cursor near to it, then it itself becomes in the right position.

As feature request: About "Save as version" command (very handy thing). But for example, if open a previously saved by this command preset with brackets [1], and if already there another preset with [2], then if apply "Save as version" to [1], it will erase existing [2]. It would be nice if it were as: "preset_name.[1][1]" (ie for not erase existing preset accidentally)

For now seems that all.

OS Win7 x32
CPU Intel Core Quad
DAWs Studio One, Ableton 9, Bidule (tested on all)

Very good !

Thanks, interesting.

I am willing to wait as long as necessary (Buy anyway!)

Thanks Randy, It is very very good!

So, i just saw Kaivo preview and i just want to buy it! 'm sorry, I did not notice the approximate date of release (?).

Also, several times caught the host crash when close aalto 1.3 window.
(Studio One v2.5 x86)

Without claims to a new UI,
The only thing, might be a little add sharpness to fonts, at a time if done UI is smaller. Gradient and color IMO normal.

Randy thanks.

"- KEY: added two MIDI modulation outputs"

Please explain better, what it does?

(I hope not too late to ask)
Randy, please pay attention (in upcoming version) to open the any DAW saved project contains multiple instances of Aalto.
Sometimes have a problem with it, in the form of maximum phantom signal level, like overload.
(Studio One, x32, win7)

By the way, I like Reason, but more a desire to give the developer the opportunity to complete the initiated (in the form of a new version, and a lot of people are waiting for this), without burdening it with new ideas that are indirectly related to the instrument itself.

No need to inflate holivar (Is not that trolling?) However, what is it all. especially since everything had been said, and all are calm.
(Sorry for my english)

I agree with soulfulmedia, at least in the way that users Reason 6 is not so much. Let developers focus on the new version in the normal format, which is waiting for the mass of Aalto users.

Maybe it's already been said (poor knowledge of English), but really it would be useful to be able to randomize each module separately (Switching and its values​​ \ Sequencer \ Generators). Well, and a general random ofcourse.
Then, I think even the staunchest opponents of randomization find meaning in it. :)