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No, for real. Enjoy. Feel free to post your getting started questions here, or as always email us at And thanks in advance for your patience while we handle a larger than usual volume of support emails.

Absolutely amazed, intrigued (and slightly terrified) by the synth!

Amazing work.

One thing I get sometimes is the modulator oscillator seems to return back to or get stuck on a default pitch.

By connecting the Amp from the partials section to the Oscillator Amp input seems to get rid of it. Also when the modulation osc is behaving like this none of the other controls like offset and ratio seem to have any effect.

I usually start from a completely blank patch.

Amazing work.

Thank you so much!

One thing I get sometimes is the modulator oscillator seems to return back to or get stuck on a default pitch.

Fixed for the next release.

Re Vutu integration:

Thanks for the feedback. The more tightly I integrate Vutu with Sumu, the closer I'm afraid I get to violating the spirit of the GPL that Loris was offered under. So this is a direction I will probably want to avoid.

Resize on Macbook M2 laptop in Logic isn't working here and it's larger than my screen.

Fixed for the next update.

I just spent 4 hours in Sumu with partials derived from a a single Vibraphone note.

I've never experienced such variety and depth from a synth in my life.

Weird soundscapes, tribal rhythmic stuff, lush pads and angry squirrels at an early 90s rave.

Amazing stuff.

Re Vutu integration

I must admit that silly me totally overlooked the license aspects of the integration of Vutu.

I tried to get a better idea of what those limitations might be and found that Loris was distributed under GNU GPL v.2 or later.

It looks like what I suggested would be permitted: "If the two programs remain well separated, like the compiler and the kernel, or like an editor and a shell, then you can treat them as two separate programs—but you have to do it properly. [...] if they know that what they have received is a free program plus another program, side by side, their rights will be clear."

However, making sure of what is permitted can be difficult. So I hope you will still find a way of making a "loose" integration work...

Amazing stuff.

Thank you for the kind words!

if they know that what they have received is a free program plus another program, side by side, their rights will be clear.

That's encouraging! Thanks for digging it up.

One thing that would help vutu is sample drag and drop into the window.

I use sononym as a sample organiser and being able to drag from that into Vutu would save a lot of time.

Hey all, since today, when in try to load Sumu in Logic, it says that the beta has expired, thanks for testing.

i installed the latest version (as of today), says still the same. any ideas, what to do?

Kind regards

Same problem here. Not amusing.
Randy, please take care of this issue, thanks!

same here!
sumu ( buyed ) are expired :D

It says: "This beta of Sumu has expired. Thanks for testing"

When is it going to be posted on the site? I have the licence but can't use it.

I'm getting the same Beta expired message too.

Also amazing creation!!!! The most inspiring synth I've played in years. I've even been dreaming about it.

Same Beta expired message since today. I have also a Licence.

I left a beta expiration check in by mistake. Not trying to be amusing! I'll get an emergency update out as soon as possible, hopefully today (Saturday).

I just need to take enough time with it to be sure I'm not screwing up something else. Though I try to avoid them, mistakes happen. I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

I'm having Sumu withdrawals.

You are lucky you have a nice and patient community, other developers would be flogged :D

Also, im wondering about the audio-conversion program Vutu;
Isnt this the same type of converting audio as Harmor (fl-studio) does?
In Harmor, you just drag and drop, and change some parameters in the vst.
Maybe this is very different, but it would be nice to have it in the vst.

Anyway, hope sumu is back from the dead soon :)

New version is up.

Fixes that annoying pitch thing from the modulator oscillator!

I am lucky for this community. I don't personally enjoy flogging. I do like long walks on the beach, and weird sounds.

Isnt this the same type of converting audio as Harmor (fl-studio) does?

No one else aside from Kyma is using Loris analysis as far as I know. It's a little more involved to get the right parameters but it lets you do more with a given number of partials because of the enhanced bandwidth nature.

The new update fixed it being too big in Logic on a MacBook, but it's still not resizable and I can't find a way to change the size (it's actually a little smaller than I'd like now). Are there plans to make it resizable or different scaling options in the future?

Thanks for the update - the demo noise is about right now! Played with the presets a bit more this time and the vocal resynthesis stuff is great! Getting my head around trigger the pulses via ENV and some really interesting and useful stuff can be done. Sounds great!!

Are there plans to make it resizable or different scaling options in the future?

It is resizable now. I did see the resizer disappear once and make a note to investigate. Can you please make a screen shot with the missing resizer and send it to me, and include your resolution settings in it?

It may work for you at a different resolution.

Thanks for the update

Thanks for the feedback!

The new release of Sumu loads successfully on both Samplitude Pro Studio and Bespoke Synth (a free non linear sort of DAW that I greatly prefer for my Madrona products because it easily records audio, unlike Sam (if someone's figured out the routing on that one please LMK)). Good news. Thanks for your ongoing development efforts.

Hey Sumu is back, thanks for the hard work!
It reminds me to request a feature thats really really needed; a "undo" button.
Pardon if this is implemented and i cant find it.

Yeah! Sumu is working now for me on Windows 10, Cubase 12 (that I'm phasing out) and Studio One 6.6.1.

Still a few details to polish, if I may be so bold:

1/ Default preset is silent/empty (partials file not found)/whatever. Slightly jarring that the synth is not producing any sound on load up. (A default/empty preset might very well be useful, I have no idea yet, just not loaded by default?)

2/ On a HiDPI screen, default size is teeny tiny.

3/ I very much like the new UI controls/animations. I wouldn't have however opted to disappear simple arrows for previous/next preset and other very established/well known UI conventions. Sumu is different more than enough in the ways that matter.

4/ I don't think the plugin sizer disappear, I think it's invisible black on black in some cases when resizing the window makes a black border all around the plugin become too thick.

5/ Last and not least: as most Madrona Labs plugins, what an hungry beast Sumu is! I hope one day you will find a way to optimize it further. (I suppose this will become moot if we wait long enough...)

6/ You will never hear the end of it if Vutu doesn't end integrated in some way. Just sayin'.

7/ +1 on adding Undo button/history: So important to feel free to experiment...

All this petty nagging first to end with the most important:

Even a few minutes in, I think this is the best synth in a long while, a very nice surprise after some pitifully disappointing wishful engineering coming from other developers I like too much to mention by name here.

The sounds that come from this thing! Weird they might be, but music to my ears. I don't think the videos I've seen so far do Sumu justice... I would embrace the weird in some new ones.

Thanks for your work!

Latest beta works on Cubase 13.0.40, Windows 11.

Loads with default patch displayed, but no partials or chords displayed for the 440 test tone. Workaround is to right-click the patch drop-down to select the Default patch (or any patch), or right-click the partials drop-down.

Re-size handle appears fine, or at least the same as Aaltoverb2. Default size is fine.

See separate posts for more significant bug reports.