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Hi Randy
Virta's delay module's time has a minimum value as 50ms, but found if load "digital auto wah" preset, it's show value 20ms.
That some visual issue ? Or do really there is way to achieve constant 20ms (or less) time.

Hi, that is a good question. Without looking at the code: I'm 90% sure that the preset was simply made before the delay time changed to a minimum of 50ms. So it will clip to 50 ms in reality. Of course, we could measure this and verify.

Ok thanks (in theory, would be interesting have ability to keep extended time range, but if it's too late, due to compatibility, then I understand).

A smaller delay would be very useful! The difficulty is that the pitch shifter is in the loop, and pitch shifting in real time can't be done instantly. I tried a lot of things to get the pitch shifting time down but as you do it starts to sound worse. So I probably had it at 20ms at one point then needed to go up to 50.

I could imagine maybe a mode where the non-shifted input is delayed instead if you do want a quick delay time. In other words the shifter would be smoothly removed from the loop somehow.

Ok Randy, got it. Well, will see.