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Dear Randy.

In the last 2 weeks I've sent you 2 mailed requests for help with my Kaivo license. The first to the support@ email adress and the second to the randy@ address.

I see you are responding to remarks here on the forum so you are clealry still alive.

Where my messages maybe set aside as spam?

Anyway: Help! PLEAAAZZZEE!


I just saw that I can copy the key as text form my licences overview. Is it THAT easy?

Usually it is that easy.
go to "My licenses", click "show key".
Mark all text (ctrl+a) and copy that text (ctrl+c).

Start your plugin within your DAW and click on the "unregistered" note in the header.

Hi Marc, I replied to your email on November 5. Maybe it went to your spam folder?

Anyway pdt here has the right info, thank you!

Just select your license key (including all the symbols), copy, and then click the registration area in the demo plugin. This will register the plugin and turn it into a full unrestricted version.

I sent you your license key in the email. You can also get it any time on the "My licenses" page after logging in.

Thanks pdt

Randy: Just checked my own spam folder. Nothing showing.

Anyway. Even I should get it runnign now! (Erm, fingers crossed) :-)