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Hey, I wrote a script today that scrapes the Aalto sticky forum for patch presets:

Maybe I have too much time on my hands - but I was getting frustrated copying and pasting everything and saving patches locally.

Would definitely appreciate some love on Github if anyone wants to check it out! I'll probably add a few more features to it and maybe add some other sources to pull in a richer library.

Thanks to Madrona Labs for building some sick software!

Hello hello

I just wanted to say thank you for the effort. I would love to try it and give it some love on Github but I have two issues with the patches. One is that I can't hear them, most of them have no demo. The other is that what I like about Aalto is just that it invites to experiment so I rarely use the built in patches let alone download other.

Anyway, I'm sure there will be people ready to experiment with the script.

(I had actually come here to download Kaivo and then I got entangled in the forum!)

Have a nice holidays!

Hey, what do you mean most of them have no demo? The patches should be exactly the same as they are listed on the forums, or are you saying there is some discrepancy there?

Sorry, my English. I mean there is no audio demo, I can’t hear them before adding them to my presets.

I’d rather tweak knobs than having a bunch of presets that I’m never going to use. It’s just me.

Oh totally! I generally agree, but sometimes it's nice to have presets as a jumping off point - especially when you're learning a new synth/VST.