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Hi - Loving Aalto! Bought it because of it's MPE implementation, especially with my Morph. A question: I'm in MPE mode with the Thunder overlay, Preset 1, on the Morph. The default MPE patch in Aalto has the mod CC# set to 22. That means, I thought, that the other two outputs are 23 and 24. The patch and subsequent controllers (in this patch reverb and delay) work wonderfully. However the left hex pad uses mod = cc#22 but the right pad uses X output = delay and it uses cc#25 for its Y axis. And Y output = reverb = MPE standard cc#74 for sliding on the "key." Could someone help me understand the numbering system? Does the Y output always correspond to the #cc74 slider? I'm missing something...

Thanks, John

Hi John, I got back to you by email but I'll copy here for reference:

In MPE mode, only the mod output is controlled by the mod cc# dial. The x and y outputs for each voice are fixed to CCs 73 and 74. So you get for each voice an independent cc#74, as required by the MPE spec, and then two additional mod sources: cc73 and one more you can select.

In non-MPE mode the behavior is as documented in the manual, and what you were expecting. If the design seems weird, it’s partly because it was designed before MPE was in existence.

I made all the Morph patches with ease of setup in mind, so they work with the default Morph settings and if I remember right this limited me to one more CC besides 74. If you tweak the morph settings you could have another output using CC#73.

Hello Randy
i receive my Morph in the next days and i own the GREAT Aalto.....but where can i find these Morph Presets.....or i overseen something
Thank you in advance Randy

Hi, here's a link: Aalto+Morph patches

Hands down
Thank you Randy !!!