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Hi Randy,

First of all; thanks for the amazing software.

For a long time I haven't opened any of your plugins (maybe not even on my current machine at all). I just tried opening Aalto, but the UI is extremely slow responding. Even the time display in my Logic is slowing down when I open it. The CPU is not massively changing though. I also opened Virta and Kaivo to see what happens, and it's also occurring there. Other (CPU-heavy) plugins or synths I am not having any problems with. Do you know what might be causing it?

I am using Logic 10.5.0 on a 15-inch 2019 Macbook Pro with the 2,3 GHz Intel Core i9 processor and 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 ram. I updated to the latest Aalto version, but the version I had before (it might be 1.8) had also the problem.


Tried all options, Virta is unusable. One instance in my Live Set messes my entire system into a soup of lag. Virta's knobs and dials respond with a significant delay, like quicksand. I'm on Big Sur with six core Intel Mac Book, can you or anyone tell me on which macs this is running smoothly?

I'm not having GUI issues with Aalto/Kaivo/Virta. I'm using them on the latest versions of Logic and Reaper on Mac OS 12.2.1 on a late 2018 Mac Mini.

@66xvi Did you try the Kaivo demo?

Same issue as 66xvi here with Virta and Kaivo, both unusable in Live 11 and 10. Discussed with Randy over email last year, discovered that Live 9 runs them fine, oddly (doesn't really help but if you have an old copy on your machine..)
No problems at all with Aalto in Live 11 though. Just Kaivo and Virta. Had this problem in Mojave and now Catalina, don't think i've been able to use them since they were last updated to 1.9.4.

Thanks for the info @garf. I know we talked this over before, but while we're here can you remind me the type of Mac hardware you were having trouble with?

Mysterious slowdowns like this are part of why I moved away from the JUCE framework and wrote my own rendering layer. So, if there's nothing I can find in the 1.x code to fix, at least the 2.0 should provide a fix shortly.

Hi Randy, sorry didn't see your reply (should we get emails about replies?)

The sluggishness problem seems to stem from my 27" LG 4K monitor being scaled in macOS (to the 'Looks like 2560 x 1440' setting). If I change this setting to the native 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) then Kaivo and Virta run as they should, but I can't run my system at 4K as it all looks way too tiny. And it's only these 2 plugs that have this problem.

We don't have an email notification feature here. Maybe we should—will look into it.

Thanks for the info re: resolutions. I hope this helps someone! I'm not sure why other JUCE-based plugins do not have the same issue. I will look into it in case there's a quick fix. Mostly I'm focused on version 2 going forward.