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Hello Randy,
I´m on WiN7 64 Bit and i downloaded the new Version v.1.9.0 of Aalto
I dont know why but i cant see the new Version in
Studio One newest Version
and Bitwig newest Version
with v.1.8.5 everything was fine
I see the dll File in the right folder but Aalto doesnt show up in my DAWs anymore

Thank you in advance

Sorry to hear about this. Please go back to 1.8.5 for now. You can find the 1.8.5 installer here:

You may have to remove the 1.9.0 DLLs manually first.

Thank you for the reply Randy

I didnt find a reason why Aalto didnt show up...
My System:
Win 7 Ultimate SP1
i5-4570 3.20 GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 750

Aalto 1.8.5 works like a charm

Same issue with OSX 10.14.6, I'm afraid.
Can we get a link to the v1.8.5 Mac installer?

Here is 1.8.5:

I'm on the trail of this bug and should have an update available soon.

The new Aalto version is crashing Ableton on my mac as well.

Hello world, same here, crashing both reaper and renoise on mojave.
EDIT: works perfectly after the 1.9.1 update ! Thanks !

Win7 64 Bit
Studio One 4.5.3
Bitwig 3.0.2
with Version Aalto 1.9.1

Thank you Randy for the fast fix update and your relly great support as always

Very happy to hear, thanks for posting.