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Unfortunately a new bout of crashes have started to reoccur at an alarming frequency in Ableton Live 10.0.x as well as in Live 10.1 betas in macOS 10.12. When I remove Aalto 1.8.5 VST from my sets there are no crashes.

See crash report example at XxXXXXX
EDIT I likely meant to post this one.

Any suggestions?

This crash does not look Aalto-related. I would send it to Ableton support.

You can usually tell what crashed by looking where the report says "thread crashed" which is 0 in this case. Then look down to thread 0. The first column of info is numbers, the second is the running process. in this case it's all Live and macOS.

I don't know of any crashing problems with 1.8.5. Please keep me posted.

Thanks randy! I'll send to Ableton support.

Since this report then I've had a few crashes not using Aalto, also at odd moments (accessing a menu or clicking in the DAW GUI). However, crashes have decreased to a tenth or less after I've replaced Aalto in multiple sets. I could hardly do anything and a crash would occur.

Actually looking over the report again, it would appear I posted the wrong one from the clip book. I likely meant to post this one.

I'm not suggesting Aalto is directly involved in this crash either. Something else could certainly be involved. Of course, I have had Aalto on every MIDI track in every new song for quite some time so it's a natural first place to look. Starting a few days ago, no Aalto until I find the real cause.

Yeah, these are complicated systems, especially when using things like Max and a bunch of plugins—adding more processing / threads can easily manifest a bug in some other piece of code somewhere that just wasn't showing up otherwise. Likewise I can't rule out Aalto as being the problem just because it's not crashing in Aalto's code.

You could also try leaving Aalto and removing all other plugins that aren't part of Live—if this eliminates crashing then finding the offender should be quicker.