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I'm noticing that patching "y" in either Aalto or Kaivo and using MIDI MPE mode that there are some parameters it will effect and a lot of parameters that it doesn't or have completely unexpected results. For instance, I can't get it to drive the sequencer rate. And in Kaivo, the BODY module parameters either don't respond at all, or have unexpected effect or limited range. I'm assuming there may be a good reason for this but its pretty frustrating to have to hunt around for parameters that may work using MPE mode and y (in Roli speak "Slide" or CC74)

Thanks for any clarification or tips,



Hi Greg,

There's nothing special about the signal from the "y" (or CC74) output as opposed to the other modulation sources you can use in the patcher. You could test this by using a different "mod CC #" in combination with the "mod" output. If you set "mod cc" to 1 for example you could use the modulation wheel on most controllers.

In the case of the sequencer rate, possibly you have host sync on?

In the case of the body, there's only one body and multiple voices, so all of the params except for x and y use the average the voice inputs. In the case of x and y there is one input location per voice, so these work as usual.

Thanks Randy, Going to try these things out tomorrow. Appreciate the info. I'm using it in Bitwig and in the process of figuring out the best way to get different CC values into the track since the Roli script that comes with Bitwig installed filters out CC numbers except for those defined as default in Roli's Dashboard. Once I get it working, I'll post back if I discover anything worth posting about! Will check host sync. Maybe that was the issue there.