ForumsSoftware ← Aalto suggestion: add parameters for controls with quantized positions

For those controls that are contiguous, but also have fixed quantized positions, like for instance osc_pitch, osc_ratio and delay_freq, I suggest specific fixed positions as parameter values could make these available for the user.

As it is now you need to be very careful when getting to one of these positions so you don't over-shoot, typically ending in you have to go to the GUI anyway. Is this really necessary or is there a possible solution?

It would of course be nice if there was a standardized way to hit those fixed positions on the contiguous scale using a modifier, like a latch or key of some kind, but I'm not certain there exists such a thing.

That's why I'm suggesting to add additional quantized control parameters for those and similar controls. I've only used Aalto so far, but I suppose all Madrona synths could use something similar for their parameters.

Please consider this a suggestion. Thank you!

Because you say "go to the GUI" I guess you are talking about using the controls of your Push here? From the GUI itself the dials snap to the quantized positions. The shift modifier allows a fine adjustment from there.

I should really get a Push 2 and do a run-though thinking about usability in general. It's a nice controller!

Yes, I want to program with my hands as I'm working the sound. I use the original Push 1, so the Push 2 adds a more graphical dimension that might be cool to explore further, though most things are via the encoders. I'm not aware of a Push 2 display API, but Ableton likes to open things up to a point so maybe there exists one.

I'd hold Aalto as one of those instruments where the users are more likely to use another type of controller. At this point I'm contemplating building my own controller for Aalto. Even though it kinda works fine from the Push.