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Alto version 1.8.2 au
Osx 10.13.1
Ableton 10.0.2

Aalto is acting very strange. The patches that I had don't load correctly and don't sound at all or it sounds very different when trying to load the same patch. It looks like many settings get scrambled except for the patch cables. Switching to different presets play for a couple seconds and then nothing. The first time the issue occurred I think was when I loaded another instance of Aalto and all my other instances of Aalto went quiet including the new one. I'm using a total of 3 Aalto's. The second time the the issue occurred was when I changed the sample rate of my project. Im using the ji_17a key under Just Intonation. My cpu usage is around 15%. I've restarted multiple times and no fix.

My guess is that some MIDI information is getting to Aalto that is messing it up. I have not heard of any bug matching these symptoms before.

If you make a new empty Ableton Live project and add an Aalto and some notes in a new clip to test it, can you get this to happen? What if you make three Aaltos?

I made a new Ableton project with 3 Aalto's and I noticed that when I click the wrench icon to view each plugin, Ableton push does this strange thing on it's screen with the macro parameter when the UI is loading. It looks like it's almost cycling through all of Aalto's parameters. I decided to load the vst version of Aalto on another channel and when I click on the wrench icon it loads much faster and doesn't do that weird thing in Ableton push, it also seems more stable and responsive compared to the AU version. For now I'm just going to use the vst version as the AU version seems to be the problem. I changed the audio sample rate within ableton and one of the Au aalto plugins went quite. Below is a link to see what ableton push does when I click on the wrench icon for the Au version. Also on both projects ableton push was just connected and I did not assign any macros/controllers to Aalto. I was only using a separate midi keyboard to enter notes.

That's really interesting. And weird. I'll see what is different about the VST and AU versions.

Does this also happen when there is only one copy of Aalto?

You are sending really useful information, I hope I can track this down soon.

I think this is a known bug with AUs in the current version of Ableton.

Thanks dale, got a link?

Here's a discussion on the Ableton beta forum:{EC5FD7A6-8D1D-4FE9-BB22-F939A44E30C6}&topid={58E84E16-6177-408F-B677-6DEE531F6B77}&tp=2#toppost

Here'a a KVR thread talking about it:

Luckily I have an account to view the beta Ableton link and it looks like the current version of Ableton 10 does have issues with Au plugins like I'm experiencing. So I guess your all good Randy. :)

i'm having similar problems with aalto au in live 10 - closing and opening the gui window randomly changes patch settings, and which parameters get changed changes randomly -sequencer settings, envelope shape, gate level dial, number of voices, carrier and modulator dial settings...with each closing and opening a new surprise.

...and yes, the vst version is completely stable

I was able to look at the thread on the Live forums and it looks like Ableton is aware of the issue and will fix for 10.0.3.