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Seems intriguing. An email I received a while back said Spring 2018.

iris is strangely not a real spectral synth, yes it makes a spectogram, but you can't really perform spectral editing. still a great synth iris 2.

spectral synths, are there any, yes. but not to my taste, or too expensive, and i can get the same results, with more steps, but that has also it's advantages.
(and i am someone who bought for instance accSone Crusher-X, so when i want something..)

additive synhts, also not many, more than spectral.

so i am very curious about SUMU. because granular and spectral, is my main focus now, of course with all other stuff i can use, i build ad hoc...

and strangely ableton live 11 suite has turned into a experimental playground.. for spectral and granular.. or strangely, with M4L, it is nót strange. like that they go their own way.

the kyma comparison makes me even more curious! (and the MAX comparision, which can do spectral very well, but me can't do MAX very well...).

if it is as good as KAIVO, well...

Just wanted to follow up a little late here and say thanks for sharing the nice words and a bit of context about what you are doing. In this pandemic time I've been largely "working in the code mines" and I'm excited to show off the fruits of my labors soon.

Sumu might not have "spectral editing" either—it's very much built around live patching like Aalto and Kaivo. Instead of fiddling with individual partials, you'll have modulation sources that are designed for spectral synthesis and dials on some transformations that will be globally useful.

Glad for the update — I am also glad to participate in the Beta if you need additional testers (Logic/Bitwig). I didn't see a call for testers on the email list so I wasn't sure if it went out or if I missed it.

of course i didn't expect spectral editing, it was in the context of Iris 2. i also have spectralayers pro 7, not real-time, but a sounddesign monster, in a (big...) chain of sounddesign monsters (Kaivo, and now also Aalto has joined the club).

i am very curious how you implement it. i already mentioned, in an other way, that i was very surprised about the capabilities of Aalto, in my memory, it was a good synth, when i demoed it, but now i have it; and wow.. (especially with MPE).

so, based on these 2 synths, i am looking forward to Sumu. every unique approach, with enough controls, will get me..

Oh there should be some unique controls all right. Excited to share more concrete info this summer.

is there a kind of ETA.... for Sumu... for me a much anticipated synth... Spectral!
the Madrona Labs way... so...

i already said this! o well.. me like repetition.

shipping this fall.

Die Welt ist alles, was der Fall ist

(i quote only what i have really read... wittgenstein of course, the first sentence, of tractatus-logico philosophicus, or 'number', and the last sencence, or entry is one of the most misunderstood lines in the world... sorry for this deviation... of mine...)

great to know! and again! looking forward to it!

Fall is falling! :D

Racing the clock here. Or calendar I guess.

Good luck Randy!

With an M1 Pro in my future, I'm looking at madronalabs again. This time around with the means to actually use these nice tools :-)

Really excited to learn what you have cookin

End of year is a good goal really, coding isn't easy and breaking new ground is even harder. I'd take a paid beta or early access by then, personally. Either way, cheers. Thanks for making products no one else does.

I'd be happy just to see a video of it as a work in progress and hear its capabilities, for the moment at least. I'm so anxious to hear it.

@alan, it is strange, if you can read german, it is already mentioned in this thread, you see what Sumu will be. how it works, the interview, not only about Sumu, it are 2 interviews!, is quite extensive. it reveils a lot.

so some are in the strange position, to have already an insight...

I'll be sending out more info tomorrow.

On black motherfucking friday hahaaaa
Best deallllll

aha great, yes on BF! well, we are ready!!

Thanks Howl. I don't read German and have never even seen that magazine. I think that I can wait until tomorrow for info. :) !!

It's tomorrow! :)

check the News section!

Hoping this is coming out over the Xmas period while I have time off :)

I'm shooting for a beta in January.

OK cool

On pins and needles anticipating Sumu.


Excited!............ :-)

pokes Randy with a stick

perhaps a carrot?

Thanks for your understanding!