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I'm wrapping up support work for the day. Here's a brief wrapup of the issues on peoples' minds:

Q:I'm a registered Aalto 1.1 owner, how do I get my version 1.2 upgrade?

A: We had some email problems, so not everyone got the email about the update. Please email me at support at and I'll help you out.

Q: The press release mentions a $99 discount on Soundplane with Aalto purchase, but I don't see this on the site. Is it for real?

A:Yes, what the release says is good, and I will update the site to reflect that.

Q: There is a bug with the sequencer settings on Aalto 1.2.

A: I can verify, and I'm perplexed and embarrassed at how this crept in after so much testing. I will fix this in an update within the week.

The sequencer bug was fixed for me after I installed the factory presets on my mac.

I suspect this was just a happy accident. I'm sending out an update with the fix soon.

Yes, turns out it was a happy accident. just began using aalto in Logic express and am experiencing the bug again.