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Is there anyway I could drag and drop audiofiles from ableton inside kaivo? Also, I'd like to be able to play with audiofiles without having to import them in a folder 1st.

Like loading them in ram first, be able to fiddle with them and having the option to save them if I want to. Just some suggestions.

Thank u!


Thanks for your feedback. I'd like to find a way to make back + forth easier in Ableton as you say. The thing that's a little difficult about drag & drop is that Kaivo only "allows" sounds to be around 8 seconds long. It breaks the normal flow of drag & drop if the whole thing is not used and you need another step to select part of the file after dropping somehow. So I have not really come up with a good way for drag&drop to work.

It could maybe just import the whole thing if under 8 secs, then put up a little dialog "would you like to clip?" otherwise.

The short-file limitation is because files have to be scanned to find all the best grain crossfade points and I don't want that startup to take forever. I believe right now if you just drop a long file into the Kaivo/Samples folder it will import the whole thing.

Hi Randy,

Yes I figured the files probably had to be smaller. You could just put a warning saying the file will be truncated if above 8 sec instead of asking the permission.

Like I mentioned in the last the message. The main thing for me is that I would like to try out all kinds of small audio snippets without having to import them to a folder and then having to go there to delete them. That was more my main thing that bugged me a little. No offense intended.


No offense taken! I get it.

Thanks for condering it!


I'd like if it just clipped at 8 seconds... maybe a notification that it did... but no need for me to click a second time

Makes sense. Thanks for the input.