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I just put together a new computer and the first thing I wanted to check was whether I could finally use Kaivo. It's an I5-6660K w/ 16BG Ram running Windows 10 and a MOTU Ultralite M3k soundcard.

I still can't play more than a single note with voices set to 1 without massive buffer glitches happening. I've tried every buffer size from 64 to 1024 and still have the same problem.

This machine and soundcard should be more than capable of running Kaivo with no problems, so something else must be going on. Conversely, Aalto runs without a hitch. Any ideas?

Yes, I think I know what this is. There was a bug that only affected certain machines, more often the more powerful ones, unfortunately. I believe I have fixed this for the next update.

I had to move the Labs across town, so it's taken a while to get this update out, but I'm pretty much back to going full time on it until it's done now. Thanks for your patience.

Randy, per my most recent post, this had to do with Live 9 being dogshit at multicore support. Disabling that has made Kaivo and Aalto run like absolute butter.

Sorry to assume that it was your software.

Thanks for following up, this is helpful!