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I would love to get a little clarity about how to properly set the Roli to get maximum expression from Aalto and Kaivo.

In the manual for Aalto, it talks about +1 and +2 in the Key module, but my interface shows x and y and I'm not sure what these do. Things like this. Would be good to know what channel range I set on the Roli. Probably 2 through 4 for Aalto and 2 through 8 for Kaivo? Is Y actually mapped to CC74 for "slide" on the Roli... Anyways, lots of questions. Roli has a bunch of pages outlining how to set up specific synths but I don't see anything about Aalto or Kaivo...

Thanks for any help!... These are the synths I mainly want to use with my RISE!


Greg K.

Put Aalto/Kaivo in MPE mode, and set on range to 48 .
Seaboard in MPE. mode

... and your good to go

X maps to glide, but often not needed since for pitch it's already taken into account

Y is slide.

( this is all standard MPE stuff, glide / slide etc are just Roli speak)

Hi Greg,

If you are seeing x and y then you are in MPE mode. those two outputs change according to the "protocol" setting in the settings menu, where protocol can be either MIDI, MIDI MPE, or OSC. The manual usually refers to MIDI mode things though out of habit. I'll try to correct this.

In MPE I am always using 1 for the "main channel" and 2 and up for the others.

Thanks everyone! Up and running. Much appreciated!

So in Cubase speak, for Aalto and Kaivo, I'm setting to record CC74 (Brightness), Pitchbend and Aftertouch (or should I use Poly Pressure? Always assumed this didn't have the same meaning being note for note anyways)

And can I assume that velocity (Strike in Rolispeak) is handled the same was as always, as velocity?

Then there is release velocity, the 5th D...

For recording Aalto In Bitwig, it seems like pitch is pitchbend, Y as "Timbre", aftertouch as "Pressure", Strike as "Velocity" and Lift as "R-Vel"

I'm also setting Virta to MPE mode too...

MPE uses the Channel Pressure for each channel and not Poly Pressure.

Yes, velocity should be the same, whether regular or MPE.

Aalto (and other ML stuff) doesn't respond to release velocity.

thanks again Randy! All clear now...