ForumsSoftware ← Seaboard + MBP 3.1GHz i7 + 16GB RAM + Bitwig + Kaivo + 512 samples = lots of crackling noise. Why?

Topic explains it all. This is top of the line MacBook Pro 13" 2015 and I play on Seaboard RISE 25, all my software is up to date, there's no expensive background processes, no CPU expensive software running in parallel (I even tried to close everything besides Bitwig to find the issue), charger is connected, battery charged and there's so many artefacts with most of patches that it's just unbearable.

Setting buffer to 1024 samples seem to help, but I start to notice the lag way too much - I can't express myself like this.

Is this kind of performance expected? Do I need a monster computer to run Kaivo?

I only run demo so far, but I wish I could pull the trigger and buy it as it's so good. Currently I'm not sure because of these issues.

It still seems to perform about the same as 1.0 VST for me. It's livable, especially with 1-2 voices.

So the 1.02 VST in Bitwig on the MBP early 2015 w/ maxed 16GB or Ram 3.1 GHz i7, latest el capitan and Bitwig 1.39 works phenomally @ 256 samples. I mean rock solid here w/ all 4 voices. Very impressed. Live 9.6.1 fares slightly worse, but still very very usable.