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colour me STOKED! any more details you'd care to share, randy?

ahhh we have a name!

Well, audio input and frequency analysis of said audio, and of course an envelope follower, will be available in the patcher. So you can make audio-controlled synths or effects with it. You could even patch up something like a de-esser. But it's definitely more a creative tool than for utility effects.

Visually, it will be a lot like Aalto and Kaivo because I think that's a good interface to stay with for now.

More soon!

Great news, Randy!

Oh God, just yesterday I was thinking: The only thing missing with Aalto and Kaivo is the possibility to use it as an Audio-Effect.

Btw. there is no VST-Version of that AU-Aaltoverb you did for Christmas?

No, no VST version. I will bring back Aaltoverb properly at some point.

Ah okay, looking forward to seeing it happen

Sounds good :)

when will pre-orders be online? instant buy for me.

Yes and me.

Getting there!

I haven't done pre-orders but I wouldn't rule it out. I assume most people just want to pay when it's done, and they can have their software. What about a pre-order is attractive to you?

I'm not fussed about pre-orders, I was chiming in to agree that Virta is an instant buy. Will we see it in December do you think? Cheers for all your efforts Randy.

I'm working hard to get a beta out this month, at least.

Cool. I'll leave you to it then. Thanks Randy!

First I've heard of Virta. Looking forward to it.


Any pre sale with the winter discount?

Any pre sale with the winter discount?


looking forward to this one

Virta news?

Hello! Soon.