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I did cursory search but did not find any mention about your use of finnish words for your products.
Aalto = wave for finnish and
Kaivo = well (as water well)

Did you just search nice sounding words from finnish dictionary or do you have any other connection with Finland :) ?
There is some other companies also that use finnish words for product names like Roccat (German mouse/headset/keyboard maker)

Mikko (from Finland)

I do have some Finnish-Americans in the family and I like a good sauna very much! But mostly I just like the sounds of the words along with their meanings. The next plugin will probably be called "Virta."

Ooh, can you tell us anything about Virta? :) I think it's a nice name, it continues the water theme of your previous plugins, but also stands for electric current.

Virta is a patchable sound-controlled synth. It still has MIDI and OSC input but can also be controlled by your voice or another instrument using its pitch to signal converter. Something like a Korg x911, with a patchable vocoder and some other goodies.

Musically it's got a distinct personality from Aalto or Kaivo. It loves to lead you into the uncanny valley.

Sounds interesting! Pitch detection is fun to misuse.

One can control the oscillators and/or vocode whatever.So its both an instrument and effect eh? And you say it leads you into uncanny valley? I thought Aalto and Kaivo were the kings of uncanny. Virta's going to be a whopper. Consider it bought Mr. Jones!