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Roger Linn - "Next month the 5 main Polyphonic Multidimentional Controllers (PMCs)-- LinnStrument, Continuum, Seaboard, Eigenharp and SoundPlane--are announcing a new MIDI Polyphonic Expression specification"

Randy, do you have any info on this, are Aalto/Kaivo/Soundplane going to support this?\
I guess if its just settling on the continuum messages, then the Soundplane already supports this, assuming its not a requirement that its supports 14bit, though this would be easy enough to add.

Yes, a spec for MPE was put together and I plan to implement it in both the Soundplane app and my software synthesizers very soon. It's a good thing.

although I miss my soundplane I will be playing aalto with a shnth soon it sounds like

one day I'll get another soundplane for sure

this is fantastic

MPE could, hopefully, make things a lot simpler for expressive controllers, and with more controllers appearing hopefully adoption will be more likely.

I do love my soundplane, it brings synths alive :)