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Hi, after I have installed the last Aalto upgrade, it dosen't work like before.
it is impossible for me use Aalto because cpu I have a lot of crash.
When I open Aalto in logic 9 it shows me this alert....

OSC port conflict
Osc device "Aalto" uses Port 3123 which is already used by OSC device Aalto.
Enter a different incoming port in the network settings of Aalto.

can someone help me please?

It sounds like the OSC port got "stuck" at some point and now Aalto can't reconnect. Hopefully a restart will fix this.

every it has this problem, I tried to restart, opening new projects and unplug my external hardware, but it do not work

What version are you using?

Can you go back to the previous version with your previous installer?

Some OSC issues should be fixed in the 1.6 release coming very soon, so if nothing else is working please wait just a bit and try 1.6.

thanks for your help... I use version 1.5, I don't have the previous installer, I can wait the release 1.6.
I hope you can will fix that problem, and the CPU usage especially in logic pro. I really love Aalto, is probably my best software synth.

I get the port conflict message, but Aalto works.. I'm using the demo.. Gonna buy the 'take off the restraints version very soon'..

Love your software.