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I've finally received all the raw walnut surfaces for this run of instruments. I've attached the images below for your perusal. Some have an intense oval grain pattern while others are symmetrical (bookmatched), and some are more asymmetrical and ambiguous.

If you have ordered a Soundplane, please take a look at the surfaces


If you have a particular preference, please post below and I'll try to accommodate it. Just reply below with the number of the surface that you prefer.

Picking your surface is an experiment by which I hope to increase everyone’s satisfaction and connection to the project. Late last night my wife pointed out, “but won't this make some people more disappointed if they don't get the one they want?” I think that's a really good point, but my guess is that some of you won't have a strong preference and so overall, people will be happier.

Note that these keyboards are in their raw states, fresh off the laser cutter with some burn marks, and no sanding or finishing. When they are finished they will look very rich and glossy.

19 Please

These boards are beautiful ;)
My preference goes to the n°11, then n°9,21,24 or another board with circles.

They all look great. But I think I will go for the simple one. 1. Thanks!

for me: #9, #19

#13 :)

In order of preference: 25 18 14 7 1

My primary preference is to have any one of these :)

Excellent, I think this is going to work out just fine. :-)

18 for me! 4 or 8 as a backup.

in some semi-random order of preference: 30,19,23,9,2,4


#20 for me

10 for me please

16, 5, 1 in descending preference. Thanks buddy!

I mentioned 8 in an email, 13 and 16 would be my preferred backups!