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i'm trying the demo and it doesn't look like copy paste works? basically, lfo knights y = to body pitch, modulation depth full right. turn lfo rate and level up to full and sound should cut out. using logic 9.

i've stopped the sound engine other ways, but this is the only one i can reproduce so far.

<Kaivo pluginVersion="65536" presetName="----" lfo_function="knights" res_mode="metal string" body_mode="wooden box large" sample_name="Oscillators/sine.wav"/>

also, i find the white noise excessive. often it's louder than the sound i'm making. :( when i demoed aalto it took 10 minutes before the noise kicked in and if i hadn't been so immersed that the ten minutes flew by (multiple times!) i wouldn't have bought it. kaivo seems even deeper, but i'm having a hard time getting immersed and interested in making sounds and exploring when i have to pause so often.

Hey thanks for the feedback. I will make the demo sound much quieter in the next update. Will also address any exploding you can find. Please grab the update soon and keep me posted.