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When I modulate the "nonlin." parameter on the Body module, it seems to only or mainly effect the right channel.

Is this a flaw in version 1.0?

(really enjoying getting to play this Randy! Thank you!!)

Without hearing what's going on, my guess is, you are listening to a preset where the Body is mainly coming through only on one channel. This can depend on a lot of things like frequency content in the source, what kind of Body is being used and of course the panning settings.

I would try loading various factory patches (dulcimer a good start) and then try the nonlin. dial.

I tried the dulcimer patch and many other presets, including the plain vanilla patch, the non-linear knob definitely seems to effect only the right channel output on the version I have, so when I modulate it at audio rate, this becomes VERY noticeable. At more conventional LFO rate modulation, it still appears to only effect the output of the right channel/speaker. This seems to be the case with all 4 Bodies. If I have the non-linear knob unaffected, the sound of the Body's out maintains a fairly balanced stereo field, depending on where the x coordinate is positioned in the Body module.

Also, I noticed while experimenting further that the X Axis input to the Body effects the stereo field most noticeably with the non linear knob turned up and acts more as an interesting filter in mono with the nonlin knob turned to 0. I think this is a very cool design!

If you want to try to duplicate the problem I'm hearing: just use any preset or a basic patch and modulate the nonlin. input with the LFO (at audio/fm rate with a highish level) or just plug the noise output into the nonlin. This causes noise, but only in the right speaker for me, on all 4 resonant bodies.

Here is a link to a quick demo with this problem shown:

you can hear the "dry" channel playing a sawtooth wave in stereo, with the "fming" nonlin parameter on the right channel from the output of a sped up infinity LFO x output. In the 2nd half I slow it down to LFO rate and you hear the amplitude increase in the right channel (this occurs regardless of the x position or type of body on my software).

I hope this info helps! If there's something I'm overlooking, please let me know! Thanks

Thanks for the detailed feedback. I will give this some attention for the next update.

Thanks for the quick response Randy.

One more question, is the "Import..." feature for the granulator module not available in this first version just yet? It's greyed out on mine.