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Just returned to experimenting SP + Kyma after a long hiatus seems as if the Kyma support has changed in recent clients?

My recollection was the in older versions of the SP client Kyma's !KeyPitch value would remain constant on touch release. With SP client 1.0a1 !KeyPitch is reset to lowest note on the SP on touch release. The net effect of the new behavior is that every sound with any kind of decay ends with a downward glide.

I'm tempted to think this is a bug or behavior change in the SP client because the "default" voice patch for Aalto exhibits the same behavior. Patch "pitch" -> osc freq you get the downward behavior, patch "x" -> osc freq and there is no downward bend (the correct behavior in my mind).

Is this a bug or a feature?

I can work around the new behavior in Aalto by using the "x" output but I see no way to get usage behavior in Kyma.

Somehow I missed this question entirely until now. Sorry for the delay, and always feel free to email me with questions.

Sounds like a bug. I'm going to be looking at the Soundplane integration again, so please keep in touch about this. Since I don't have one I'll need your help to sort out any Kyma issues!

After a fair amount of sleuthing I believe there was a bug introduced recently. The behavior change was effecting any OSC output (kyma or aalto).

I've attempted to fix the problem. See pull request #2 on Github.

I'm going to do a couple-day intensive on the Soundplane/Aalto/Kaivo connection next week. Thanks for the contribution, and please stay tuned for an update.