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Hey it's the Kaivo beta thread! 1.0b1 is going out to folks on the beta list right now. The beta distribution is closed now, but feel free to discuss anything you like about it here.

If you made any audio you would like to share, please throw it on the Soundcloud group and post a link here. I wish we could embed Soundcloud content here, but we can't. You can embed text links using Markdown---the syntax for that is described here.

Link to Soundcloud group

FOUND IT, Spell check/Proof reading, is always helpful. Sorry mates.

Preset idea.

New .dll is great! Massive improvement in cpu on W8. And Kaivo preset are much more responsive and the volume is much better. Should be great for making presets. what about creating samples for Kaivo, should they be mono, etc. or does it matter?

The new DLL is much better here as well.
Textures / Light Industry uses 27% cpu (vs 56%) when playing 4 notes, 27% when idle (vs 60-62%).
Textures / Pan Purr Bells uses 51% (vs 99%) whether playing or at idle.
Tested on Win7 64bit in FL Studio 11


So, the Kaivo "palettes" are just multi-channel wav files. If you download the first beta collection, the "bubbles.wav" should be a good example of the kind of thing I'm looking for and I guess there are a few others. You can see that the idea is just to make an interesting 2D "map" of sources with some variety and space in it, and not overly cluttered sounds. I usually try to make the lowest channel have lower frequencies in it, and so on up the channels for a nice frequency spread.

There are nine categories:

  • Air - whooshes, blowing, turbulent sounds
  • Earth - friction, things sliding on other things, creaking, woody and dirty and very organic sounds
  • Impacts - varieties of impacts from percussion or whatever
  • Instrumental - acoustic instrument sounds, sustained or particularly instrument-like excitations
  • Fire - electrical and mechanical machines, metal sounds, sparky burny things
  • Oscillators - special category for single-cycle wavetables (these take some care)
  • Synthetic - Tone clouds, Noise sources, Klangs
  • Vocal - people and animals making sounds with their mouth parts
  • Water - bubbles, trickles, drips, drops, plops, etc

Where to get sounds? Anywhere that you have rights to them. Maybe you have some sounds you have recorded, or maybe you would like to record some.

file specs:

  • WAV
  • 96 kHz
  • 1-4 channels
  • 8 seconds long or less.

I use Audacity to put the multichannel files together. It's free and works reasonably well for this task. I use Logic to do any fancy editing or EQ, bounce each track, and simply put them together in Audacity. You may have your own good way of making multi-channel WAVs to your specifications, but if not, here's how to do it in Audacity:

To stitch files in Audacity:
First: set up custom Export in Audacity by selecting Preferences -> Import/Export -> Use Custom Mix.
then for each palette you go:

  • New file (cmd-N)
  • Import multiple (cmd-shift-I)
  • select the tracks you want to include in the palette. Having them named already so they alphabetize from low channel to high channel will make this easier because they appear in the right order.
  • for each track: if it is Stereo, click its drop-down menu and select "Split Stereo Track" then click the "X" to throw away one. You want 2-4 mono tracks. I always have to do this because Logic won't export mono files as far as I can tell.
  • do any fade-ins/outs you want by selecting all tracks and "Effects…"
  • select Export (cmd-shift-E) and name the output.
  • The export dialog comes up with lines connecting tracks and output tracks. You can use this dialog to direct tracks to output tracks, and select the number of output tracks, but I find it a little fiddly so for me it is easier to just to the Split Stereo Track thing beforehand.

That's it!

Love the "simple" synth sounds you can get from this.

e: nevermind - this was supposed to be a patch, but I can't figure out how to paste without it getting stripped.

Here are more sounds, sorry about the volume changes, still working on taming the beats. :) Loving it!

Great stuff!!!

New Presets! I've got 12 and a few more, in the works. Yay! :)

Randy! You so, rock dude! :)

Hay guys, I'm having a blank moment, how do I use ENV 1 and 2? I cant seem to get them patched effectily.
I've read the part in the manual, but may be, I need to read it again? Thanks

Hay guys, I'm having a blank moment, how do I use ENV 1 and 2?

You put a trigger into them, from the KEY gate, SEQ gate, or any old place (any signal can be used as a trigger, env will trigger when it crosses 0 going up)

Randy, somehow i can't find the actual e-mail containing the final beta installer, just the sounds and palettes e-mail made it to my box. Would you mind re-sending it to peterjacksonitis AT ?


Activating new samples for Kaivo patches:

With the current version of Kaivo, new samples (put into the samples folder) will not be recognized directly. So a autoscan or at least "rescan samples" button would be great with a future update.

So although it's rather obvious I thought I'd point out my current bypass solution for the meantime:
a) save preset
b) delete Kaivo from track
c) open up new Kaivo
d) load preset again, choose now visable new sample[s] as needed.