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I just posted the 1.4.1 update to the Mac version of Aalto. This fixes the Logic validation problem some people were seeing on Mac OS 10.8.

The Windows version is unchanged for now.

Mac users, please note that using the Aalto installer on OS X 10.8 requires that you control-click to open the installer to get past Gatekeeper’s code signing. Now that I have a computer running 10.8, I can address this and some other details that come up with the new operating system and Retina displays very soon.

There is still some issue with the user presets in the installer, but I can not wrestle with Apple’s PackageMaker any more today. Installing the user presets from the demo version should work for now until I have time to tidy things up more.

yay, all the labels are back ! (although part of my name still gets chopped off ! -
Randy - please pad this with a space to the right or drop the italics) - okay, back to the fun

PS: fwiw, i note that the 1.4.0 Label issue is reported as a fix for retina display macs, but I was troubled by it on an older white imac !

Don't want to rain on your compatibility parade, but the vst version still does not play ball within Max/MSP - previously it would crash Max, these days it reports the following error from the vst~ object 'midievent: effect doesn't want events' - i use the au version, but it'd be nice if both played nicely !

[edit] For the record, this isn't quite the case - there are actually issues with the au version and the vst can be run more 'completely' - I'll PM my observations - The vst issue was with a legacy Max host incompatibility (every other au/vst played nice). The au problem is much clearer and concerns failing to respond to midi cc etc (again, every other au/vst plays nice)

update works great. by the by, i don't have to right click to get past 10.8.4's gatekeeper. just turn that off.

presets installed fine by the demo. then installed me licensed version just perfect.

and the new presets are awesome! thanks for update again!

Randy , do you have a plan to add AAX (64 bit) support ?
Currently I use Aalto via Reaper in Rewire mode but it will be great to work inside Pro Tools 11.

Thank you for your work!

Thanks for asking, but I have to say this is not likely. There is only one of me, so I need to focus on the AU and VST versions.

Aalto 2.0 ...?