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This isn't really so much a feature request, it is more me thinking outloud about something kind of odd that I am not too sure would be worth pursing...

what if the filter had an input/output so it could be a control singal processor.

I love the "attenuverters" as it was put on the forum but would love some alternative signal processing powers.

Just a thought

love this synth

edit:drunkin' feature requesting....sorry guys

Keep the drunken features coming! I appreciate this kind of input.

In general, more esoteric routings like you describe are planned to be do-able in a future, fully modular product that's a little ways off.

That's the most definite thing I've heard yet about "Product X"...would this be Buchla inspired too? You don't have to say...:)

Not so much. Some of Don Buchla’s gear was a great inspiration for Aalto but in general I don’t want to be the "Buchla inspired" company.

I'm working on something to do with physical modeling next.

Modular physical modeling sounds like some uncharted territory. Well, you proved yourself 1000 times over with Aalto, so whatever you do I'm in!

I want to ask questions but Would rather be surprised!

....although...will the new mystery product be fluent in T3d? or is that another mystery.,.


will the fully modular program that you said is a little ways off and the physical modeling program be the same thing or are they different prospective beasts?

In my head, right now, they are different.

oh this is exciting!