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Fooling around in with the gain plugin in Logic I flipped the phase of one channel and turned it to mono which as expected kills the sound - But! the reverb still comes through and of course modulating the pan will bring the sound back as well.

Modulate pan with a high freq LFO or ENV 2 for some cool new timbres, link it it to a mod controller, etc, etc. It surprised me how much this one difference opens up so much new territory. It makes sense though since it's basically turning the panner into another VCA and the way the reverb works is just a nice bonus. :)

I'm not into feature creep, but I wonder if something along these lines would be worth adding internally? Either way, if anyone has the means I encourage them to try this out - it's good fun!

Cool trick! A bit esoteric to include in the synth itself probably.