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I just purchased Aalto, and I find it behaves really weird and inconsistently. When I select a preset sound, it just starts playing by itself, and the only way to stop it, is to disable the VST by turning it off in Ableton Live 7. This situation does not happen 100% of the time. Some other times, the sound can only be heard when triggered by the keyboard while the Aalto instrument window is closed. As soon as I open the Window again, nothing happens when I press on a key. Which makes it really hard to see and hear what I am tweaking. Some other times, it will work normally, when Aalto window is opened, but stops after a hit a few notes or change some parameters. It is really weird. I have tried to reinstall, but problem is still there. I am using a macbook (2010) with Ableton live 7 as a host. Anyone had this issue before?


Did you get my email? I'll copy it here.

Hi Nick,

There is a keyboard event handling problem with Ableton Live that affects Aalto and a few other plugins. I have been working with Ableton to find a fix for this. Hopefully it will be fixed in my 1.3 update coming soon. In the meantime, if you use a MIDI keyboard, you won't have this problem.


Hi Randy,

Has this problem been fixed? I've just started testing the Aalto demo today and I'm experiencing the same issue. I have had the same problem with another 3rd party plugin in Ableton.

Please let me know if/when you think this may be resolved.



This was fixed in 1.3. If you are still seeing it let me know what OS and versions of Aalto and Ableton.

Hi Randy,

Thanks for replying so quickly. I'm using Ableton Live 9.0.2 64-bit and I'm using Aalto DEMO 1.3.2 (just downloaded today).

I also just tried it in Live 8.4 and experienced the same thing.

Any advice?



What OS, Mac or Windows and what version?

Mac OS X 10.8.3

So, to be clear, you are playing MIDI notes to Aalto with the computer keyboard in Live. Then when you bring up Aalto’s window, Aalto stops getting the notes?

I have not heard of this happening to anyone since the fix. I will test the OS 10.8 / Live 9 combination when I can, please stay tuned.

Hi Randy,

Yes what you just said is what I am experiencing.

Thanks, I'll look forward to your findings!



I've tried replicating the problem here in Windows 7 64 bit with live 9.0.2 32 bit and everything seems to work no prob for me. Opening/closing Aalto's window while playing the computer keys. No prob here, not a single click or dropouts.

I've tried replicating the problem here in Windows 7 64 bit with live 9.0.2 32 bit and everything seems to work no prob for me.

Thanks for the info! This has always been an Audio Units problem only, but actually it's great you said something, because I forgot to tell frankc he can probably use the VST as a workaround.

Hey frankc, you can probably use the Aalto VST in Live as a workaround.


I'm experiencing this with both AU and VST in Ableton Live. Is there anything I could be missing? I'm using it the same way as I use other plugins in live. I have the same issue with D-16 Drumazon and with TAL-U-NO-LX.

Other plugins (e.g. Arturia Prophet V) are fine.



Totally weird, maybe a new and different problem with Live. I'll have to try your exact setup when I can find time to get on a 10.8 machine.

[EDIT] due to the different plugins involved, looks like a Live / JUCE problem apparently.

Ok thanks Randy, I'll see what I can find about Live / JUCE.

Oh, well-- it might be interesting to you but there's probably* nothing it will help you do. JUCE is a framework I used to write Aalto-- and those other plugins you mention also use it. There is some basic problem with Live’s window handling and JUCE-based plugins. People are looking into workarounds, and I tried one before but apparently it has broken again on 10.8 even with the fix I used. So as soon as I can find time I'll try some other workarounds and test on 10.8.

I added "probably," because I know there are some obscure commands you can send to Live by editing the prefs, that might affect things like window handling. But this is likely to be a dead end, so I wouldn't bother spending too much time on it.