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I just bought aalto and am having trouble figuring out how to use it to create songs on garage band. It runs fine using garage band as it's host and can be brought up through the sound generator section of garage band, but when it comes to actually recording it on garage band I seem to be at a loss. I've read most of the manual and browsed the help section on garage band but can't seem to figure it out. Does anyone know how to get my aalto sounds on a garage band track so I can start adding other sounds over top of it?

Hi Fraser,

You want "Export song to Disk" in Garage Band to make an audio file. There are a lot of options in GarageBand. I've tested that the Aalto plugin works OK but I have to leave the details of making your track up to you. I don't really know GarageBand that well so I'm sure you'll know it better than I do after a couple of hours with the manual.

The manual for garage band does not deal with this issue, or at least not in any way that makes sense to someone of my abilities. I can't get aalto on the track at all so at this point aalto has no recording capabilities for me. What am I exporting? The "Export song to disk" function doesn't even work unless you've put something on the track to export. Putting aalto on the track in the first place is the problem I'm trying to solve. As near as I can tell aalto has be lumped in with a bunch of effects to change the sound of preexisting garage band instruments to create new instrument presets. I've been working this problem all weekend and am no closer to understanding the dynamics of this problem. It feels like recording this synth onto a track should be easy but I can't do it.

Hi Fraser,

Well I'm pretty sure it's possible but I don't know GB at all so I'd just be looking through the anual same as you. One thing I can point out is that GB will be loading the Audio Units version of the plugin. So if you Google "Audio Unit Instruments Garage Band tutorial" or something I bet you can find help.

In fact I just did that and here's a helpful link.

Thank's I figured out the problem shortly after I posted my last comment. I didn't understand how midi worked. I didn't realize it was just playing the aalto when I laid it down so when I turned off the aatlo it would go silent and seem like nothing was recorded. Your original comment makes perfect sense now. This is going to be a real learning curve for me. Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.


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