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i adore this synth! one of, if not THE best synth in my arsenal! :)

i am definitely looking forward to the update! i wonder: are the new "feature additions" you referred to in your recent newsletter listed anywhere? i was hoping to get an idea of what extra goodies will be on this puppy :D

thanks Randy

I have a long list of things to do. I will do as many things as I can before my deadline, but some will probably remain undone. I would rather just say what got done after the update comes out so as not to disappoint.

completely understand :) thanks for your reply!

i bought the software some minutes ago, but read here about a lot of ideas for further developments.
so, will the updates cost extra money, or who has already bought it get it free?

sorry for asking this kind of questions, but I can't afford everything.

The 1.3 update will be free.

great, thank you.

hey randy, any chance of peeping those 1.3 gui tweaks you mentioned in the newsletter?

Sure, I can hook this up in the morning. There's even a label change from "mod" to "mod cc#" in your honor.

hahah! great news. now i'll never forget (to RTFM).