ForumsSoftware ← Please bring back unlocked pitches. :)

Maybe I'm the only one that misses it, but it had its uses. Maybe clicking on pitch or carrier could give you the option?

Would it be a ton of work to expand the snapping to get it to match the key we have selected?

Unrelated, but while I'm thinking about it, I bet an option to lock the pitch modulation to the various fixed pitch points could be pretty neat. So for example the LFO would snap between 55, 110, 220, 440.

I agree. I have just bought Aalto and i adore it, but the fixed pitch scale is the only complaint i have.

Shift-drag! It's in the manual.

I think your other idea is cool BTW.

oops. :-S

I don't mean to make anyone feel dumb for not knowing about a feature. I wish I had more tutorials and stuff out there.

Funny enough the Aalto manual is one of those manuals i did read, just not good enough, it appears. Normally i am one of those dunces that never reads manuals and just jumps in the deep end, hahaha.

Id like to see a feature that you can change the pitch lock to be vice versa so that the pitch lock would work only with shift button, I like it more the way it was in the first versions, thats how I use hardware modulars too...

Just wanted to come back and give a belated thanks! Somehow I didn't associate this snapping with fine adjustment. Also, I foolishly skimmed over the beginning of the manual because I thought I had that part pretty well figured out. :)

Aalto is an excellent learn by doing synth and purely by using and playing around with Aalto my understanding and skill with all modular systems increased. I guess Aalto's downfall is that it was so well designed it never made me feel so stumped that I was forced to look at and pore over the manual. Ha!

Anyway, It makes sense why the ratio, pitch and delay frequency have locked positions. It got me wondering if there are other "generally thought of as musically useful" values for other parameters such as timbre. I generally play it by ear, but I'll have to pay closer attention and see if any values jump out.