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Hitting return causes the previous patch to be loaded. I'm used to using return to bring the playhead back to the start, so I've lost a few patches this way. I don't think I've changed anything and no other plugins appear to be doing this.

Return in the JUCE framework I am using will generally redo whatever control you actuated last. Unfortunately this is different between different hosts, like a lot of keyboard issues. Sorry for the trouble. Please let me know what version to try to reproduce this on, and I'll make sure it doesn't do that in the future.

Aalto 1.2.6, logic 9.16.

You're right about the behavior. I just checked and it appears aalto defaults to select the previous patch if you haven't clicked the key or patch selection menus. I thought it was strange because I've never had this happen before because it usually just pulls up the menu to select a patch.

On the positive side I just noticed is that using return or the prev & next buttons to switch presets within aalto it doesn't cause the same CPU spike and slowness as if I use logics buttons prev & next buttons or the [ ] keys to switch presets.

Thanks for the info, that's weird. I'll look into it.