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Just purchased Aalto, it's probably the best sound I can get out of a single oscillator, it's great.
But that's the problem. One oscillator only? The best part about soft modulars in you can have almost unlimited amount of oscillators, sequencers, etc etc. Combine that with awesome sound quality of Aalto and you get a motherfucking monster. Are there any plans in the next months or something to have multiple modules?

Also, any plans to have it as an insert to process audio with? Many VST instruments have this feature - output audio from oscillators, out of computer, mangle it with [god knows what], back into the filters and so on.

If you look in the patches you'll find some tricks to get the most out of the single oscillator.

Aalto is inspired by the Buchla Music Easel. If you are familiar with or read up on that you'll get a good idea why I like a small collection of fixed modules.

A modular version sounds like a cool product though... doesn't it?

I dream of a version of Aalto just as it is only with, say, eight audio ins and outs. That inside MAX/MSP or Plogue Bidule can be a fully expandable modular system.

I just looked up the Music Easel...I'll be damned if it isn't Aalto's really cool uncle! (Which isn't saying Aalto's not cool now) Hey Randy: did Mr.Buchla ever get a chance to see Aalto, and if so what did he think? Seems you mentioned that he almost saw it.
However Aalto may evolve, I'll be on board...if it goes modular, I may need a small supercomputer. The CPU is much better than it was, but my consumer grade desktop might meltdown...but I trust you'll keep it all in check. Sky's the limit with Aalto...

I did get to show Aalto to Don eventually. I demoed the OSC and its timbre knob-- he smiled and said something like "mm-hmm." I can't really say what he thought.

I'll be working to optimize Aalto more in the future.

I just purchased Aalto too, and I admit one oscillator does severely limit the kind of sounds you can make, although Aalto is good at modulating (ease of use, clear representation, but not very complex) and producing different timbres out of that one source.

What I immediately leapt to was the use of a plugin chainer. I would demo xlutop chainer if you're using PC and an x32 host, or DDMF metaplugin (my personal choice) for x32,x64, and AU. I haven't actually tested Aalto out with metaplugin yet, but I will soon.

I'd love an audio input too, or perhaps just a plugin effect of the waveguide/delay module - that thing rocks!