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Hi I think I spotted a bug in Aalto-

AAlto Vst (32bit) Loaded into Ableton live 8.2.5 on Windows 7 64bit.

Steps to reproduce it:

  • load the default patch
  • connect env2 output to the gate level input
  • set env2 repeat control to max (220)
  • play with env2 attack controll (sweep it from min. to max and back)
  • set env2 repeat control to a middle value: it shouldn't pulse anymore...continuous high rate instead. Note that env2 output light stays always on, even if you load a different patch: to turn it off you have to reload aalto.

After a few tries I noticed that every attack value from 0.11 to max can engage the bug.

Yes, I could reproduce this immediately. Amazing, how could this not have been noticed after all this time? I guess, most people use fast attacks for the most part...

Anyway thank you for the good report, I will fix this.


I guess too. I spotted this casually, I was working on a repetitive sound with a really soft attack, while doing some finetuning I accidentally set the repeat rate of env2 to max... and spotted the bug.