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I'm using aalto a lot, expecially the sequencer to make nice rythmic/melodic phrases. Sometimes, tweaking and tweaking I come up with something nice, but the 1st beat/note of the sequence I like is not on the 1st step of the sequencer... so I have to rewrite the entire sequence (both gate and cv values) shifting it back or forward as many steps as needed: it's a really boring task!
Why do not implement two buttons that actually shift the entire sequence to the left or to the right?

Hey Marc0, that's what the "offset" dial (at the bottom of the sequencer) does. You can choose any step between 1 and 16.

Also if you have multiple voices running you can have each voice start on its own step: try patching "voice" to that offset dial and then play with the "offset" attenuator.

Or, try things like patching "voice" to the LFO rate (now you have as many LFOs as you do voices), then patch the LFO to the sequencer offset. We shouldn't be allowed to have this much fun IMO. :)

Yes, the offset control is useful to achieve a shift of the whole sequence, but only when it's not modulated by the "voices" output...which I do quite a lot actually. See the last post in the patch thread: in this patch it's impossible to shift the whole sequence using the offset control.

In general I think that everytime the offset is being modulated by some other parameter it's no more suitable to be used as a shift for the whole sequence.

A good idea, I'll think about this one.

Ha! Sorry man I totally misunderstood. :]

my fault... my english is not so good :P

Hehe, apparently neither is mine :].

I should probably talk less and work more anyway. Oh wait... music!!

Happy new year :)!