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Hello, i am new to making music with maschine and cpu based software.

Right now i have 2 main questions if anyone could please help me out.

  1. I recently downloaded SKANNER from Native Instruments, and i want to use it in my Maschine, i loaded it in and it shows its in my banks, but whenever i click on a sound to use it says the plug in could not be found. HELP??

  2. I use MIXCRAFT to record, is it possible to use maschine as a midi, or Reaktor 5 in Mixcraft? Meaning, can i load up a drum kit or synth, play it on my maschine and when i press record in mixcraft it will record that sound. I am new to routing and midi and all those type of things, please if anyone could help i would appreciate it greatly.

    Happy Holidays.

wow, I can't believe no one has replied to help you yet! I would love to help, but unfortunately I don't have MASCHINE and I don't have the answers you seek. Hopefully my "bump" will bring your thread to the attention of someone who CAN help you. :)


This forum is basically intended for Hardware that is made by Madrona Labs. There is another forum that is open to any topic. Folks are free to reply if they have information to offer, but I still think you might find more help with MASCHINE on the N-I forums rather than here.