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Aalto 1.2.6 (32-bit)
FL Studio 10.0.9 / Reaper 4.10 (both 32-bit)
Windows 7 64-bit

  • When loading a preset the sequencer doesn't start all voices at the same time consistently.
  • The linear pitch input has a minimum value of 4 instead of 0.
  • The pan input could use a tiny bit of smoothing because instantaneous changes (e.g. from the sequencer) cause clicks.

Thanks broman.

The sequencer is not supposed to restart when a patch loads. It's more fun for performance this way! Imagine switching between multiple patches while a sequence runs. The sequence can be the same in all the patches. Or not.

Using 'key trig' you can restart the sequencer whenever you like.

Good catch on the pitch input. I'll fix.

Not sure about the clicks, I'll listen.

Good point about the sequencer! I guess you can resynchronize all voices by turning key trig on and hitting 4 notes at the same time. It would be nice to be able to increase the number of voices while keeping their sequencers in sync though (only as an option since you wouldn't always want that).

Also check out this patch:
<Aalto pluginVersion="66054" presetName="Seq Pan Fried" scaleName="12-equal" scaleDir="" key_voices="2" seq_trig="1" seq_rate="0.370000005" seq_steps="4" seq_glide="0.00999999978" seq_value0="1" seq_value2="1" seq_value4="0.00892857462" seq_value5="0.00892857462" seq_value6="0.00892857462" seq_value7="0.00892857462" seq_value8="0.00892857462" seq_value9="0.00892857462" seq_value10="0.00892857462" seq_value11="0.00892857462" seq_value12="0.00892857462" seq_value13="0.00892857462" seq_value14="0.00892857462" seq_value15="0.00892857462" seq_pulse0="1" seq_pulse1="1" seq_pulse2="1" seq_pulse3="1" seq_pulse4="1" seq_pulse5="1" seq_pulse6="1" seq_pulse7="1" seq_pulse8="1" seq_pulse9="1" seq_pulse10="1" seq_pulse11="1" seq_pulse12="1" seq_pulse13="1" seq_pulse14="1" seq_pulse15="1" lfo_freq="1.00000012" lfo_noise="0.299999982" lfo_level="1" env1_decay="0.99999994" env1_release="0.50000006" env2_repeat="6.42968798" osc_noise="0.319999993" osc_index="2.80999994" osc_timbre="0.239999995" osc_pitch="55" osc_timbre_p="0.309999943" osc_mod_out="0.610000014" gate_mode="1" gate_decay="1.82999992" delay_input="0.25" delay_peakfreq="293" delay_drive="0.870000005" delay_peakres="5.18000031" delay_feedback="0.209999993" delay_freq="27.4993782" delay_output_wet="1.91999996" delay_output_dry="1.00999999" filter_cutoff="904" filter_q="0.5" filter_cutoff_p="1.38999987" output_input_gain="0.429999977" output_reverb="0.199999988" output_pan="-0.460000038" output_reverb_p="0.289999962" output_pan_p="1" patcher_input_3="000000000000100000000000000" patcher_input_9="000000000000000000000000001" patcher_input_10="000000000001000000000010010" patcher_input_12="000000000000000100000000000"/>

If you turn off the sequencer glide (it's at 0.01 right now) you should be able to hear some clicking from the pan modulation.

OK, thanks for the example. I agree that's not a desirable sound.