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what about a Theremin that integrates specifically with your Aalto software? Or integrate some of the Theremin functionality via capacitance antennae into the Soundplane A?

That might help to push your fascinating concept into wider appeal.

Not a bad idea-- I do love a Theremin.

I really like Aalto, Randy! As an owner of more soft/hard synths then I care to admit, Aalto has a definite place!

A Theremin that is totally linked to software would be the equivalent of Arturia's Spark: You cant tell in use that the Spark interface is just a dumb controller-it fools you.

I think that use a Theremin and Aalto for live act can be very fun!

especially when you are patching the output of the theremin as a modulation source as opposed to pitch (not that pitch is bad).

think about a theremin interace who would sit around the soundplane in such a way as to provide a 3d playing space above the soundplane. something like the leap motion could be used potentially but if it were to integrate into the soundplane (as I believe there are a couple available ADC's available, or I may just be remembering that incorrectly) it would be all the better.

i can imagine all kinds of fun with long notes and patching the waveguide delay time and feedback to X and Y coordinates of a theremin interface through the soundplane

Waah, I miss my Big Briar! It was the kit, only the second time I'd soldered, and i must have done alright...great fun for the family. Not the MIDI one though as it was very pricey.
Alrighty, end of story. Theremin integration would be great.