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Here's a little movie that shows off some of Aalto's sounds, UI and charming personality. Enjoy!

Wow. This synth sounds amazing and the UI sure is gorgeous. Can't wait to try out the Windows version!

Quite remarkable. Wonderful sounds and some of the best UI concepts i've ever seen. Can't wait to play with it! The FM modulation indicator alone is a gobsmacker. It sure seems "modular" - does that extend to racking-up different module configurations at will?

Thanks so much!

Aalto will only have the one combination of modules. I wanted it to be something that you get your head around quickly and start making sounds with. I wouldn't rule out doing a configurable modular ... later.

It looks incredible ! When do you think it will be released and it what formats? I second that about the FM Modulation indicator lol . Looks like the best Reaktor Ensemble on steroids x 100000000.

Hi kickprod, thanks for the good words. This summer for OS X, hopefully fall for Windows.

Ambitious first entry to the softsynth universe! (i'm assuming) wonderful anyhow! i really hope it has success and am eager to see it demonstrated. as for comparisons i think maybe you struck out on your own from fabfilter and are related to Don Buchla. is there a price projection?


want want want. is there beta testing > ?

The beta is closed now. We'll do one for Windows in fall so stay tuned if that's your platform.

Faster! Faster! Faster! Now! Now! Now! Want! Want! Want!

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coding coding coding

we almost to release date??

Yes, Monday the 13th. I really should update the front page.