Out Now

Our first software synthesizer, Aalto!

Software Roadmap

In combination with synthesis software running on a laptop computer, the Soundplane A will be a portable electronic music instrument with huge expressive potential. Different routes from sensor to sound are planned, to accomodate everyone from Max/MSP and Chuck hackers to professional sound designers and musicians who want to worry as little as possible about the technology.

First, an open-source mapping application will translate the raw USB signals from the controller into control streams such as OSC and MIDI. There will have to be lots of user-configurable options for mapping the surface of the Soundplane A into different kinds of note and controller data.

Our software instruments will provide an easier start, letting players drop a plugin into their DAWs of choice and start making expressive music with the Soundplane A right away. We are early in the software design process, so you can probably influence our work if you want to advocate your favorite feature or host over on the forums. And in any case, it would be nice to hear from you.