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with Lemur (iOS/Android app) I made a bi-directional controller for Aalto, using the Generic Remote Device in Cubase. That was ten years ago. This works really well, invites to quite unusual sessions where the beginning patch is altered into a completely new patch. But the main use is when changing patches in Aalto, the controller displays the exact position of knobs and sliders.

Recently, there is a new method available in Cubase for bi-directional control, called MIDI Remote. I adapted the old Lemur template to this, and it works well for knobs and sliders, but not for the switches.

The mapping process in MIDI Remote is simple. One assigns each knob to each Aalto parameter with mouse clicks. Very convenient.

Somehow the GUI of MadronaLabs instruments do not register the mouse clicks on switches for the Cubase MIDI Remote. It is not a problem, I can still use the old Generic Remote Device method. I just wanted to bring this to your attention.

Thanks for sharing. Hopefully we can make sure this all works in the new framework I'm using for Sumu and future instruments. If you want to try it out with Aaltoverb, that should be a good indication!

it works fine with Aaltoverb, but Aaltoverb has no switches. Knobs and faders work fine with the VST's, only the switches do not work. I will try out with Sumu and future instruments when they're ready.

As mentioned, it is not important. And there are other ways (not many) for bi-directional control.

Interesting, I'm always trying to improve compatibility with things like this. thanks for the update.