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Hello everyone!

A while ago someone posted a thread about this:, asking if it can be implemented in the Madrona plugins.

Just wanted to check in and report that this does in fact already work pretty well! While the plugins don't have specific implementation with this system (yet, and won't until Sumu is released if I recall Randy's answer correctly), they do have MPE support. And the tuning plugins released by Oddsound include a handy MIDI client which can take regular MIDI input and transform it into MPE with the correct pitchbend amounts for each note.

I can not recommend this system strongly enough to anyone interested in working with alternative tuning systems. I used to mess with .scl and keyboard mapping files, and the frustration of different plugins having different implementation etc etc. And unintuitive keyboard layouts. And multiple instances of plugins to change tuning between parts etc etc. This thing fixes all of that and then some. 1: Everything is tuned and MIDI-mapped centrally. 2: The tuning can change while playing.

And like I said, it works with Madrona plugins, through MPE. I just got a copy of Virta the other day after verifying this, happy to have found a vocoder that both sounds good and works with this system. :) So thanks for that!


that's great to hear, thanks for sharing this info!

Hey, just wanted to do a quick update since I used another plugin that I thought had a pretty clever implementation of mpe smoothing - in it, each mpe parameter had a separate "smoothing" slider, EXCEPT for pressure which had a separate smoothing/sleep slider for going up or down, so you can get fast attacks and then gradually releases or other sorts of responses, as jumpy as youd like. The plugin is called plasmonic if you wanna check it out - just thought I'd mention this :)