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Dunno if anyone saw this. Looks interesting!

I know AudioDamage (whose instruments have been into MPE & alternate tunings for a while) not only enabled support for this, but effectively made it replace TUN as the default. It'll be interesting to see what other steam this picks up; I wonder if Bitwig will add support.

Would love to see this system adopted into ML's synths!

yeah this would be a great addition to Madrona Labs plugins!

According to Dave Gamble and co it's easy to implement, tho I am no programmer so YMMV! It allows for tuning across instruments and entire sessions, and for changing of tuning systems in real-time. A number of other Devs like U-he, TAL and Audio Damage have already implemented it.

Here's the relevant link for devs:

I have to stay focused on releasing a new plugin for now but I'll be interested to see where this goes and will consider adopting it.

Sounds good!

a big +1 from me
imho this ODD MTS plugin is fantastic
because you have 1 central pint for your microtuning
and all others that are MTS aware inherit the same tuning

nearly all u-he have adapted it, as UA Lion, Surge etc
imho the more the better :-)

good to hear it's working well.

+1 from me as well.

FYI Michael Hetrick ( from Unfiltered Audio ( mentioned on the Elektronauts forum:
"The MTS-ESP implementation is probably the easiest third-party library I’ve ever dealt with. It took less than fifteen minutes to add, and worked on the first compile. I’m pretty smitten with it. I spent way too much time hacking JUCE to get MPE and microtuning to play together nicely. "