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Love my Aalto so very much and saw the Verb effect from it months ago and made a mental note to buy it. Todays is that glorious day as I want that specific verb. So I use Reason 10.4 btw, I get on the Madrona website card in hand and....VST3 what???

Please could someone tell me why this is VST3 only and when\if its coming out in VST2 I really dont get it. The ball has been dropped me thinks.

Hi and thanks for writing. I'm sorry I don't currently support your DAW of choice. Steinberg has made it clear that VST3 is the future and are pushing very hard for everyone to use it. Most hosts have had decent VST3 support for a while and now that Ableton is on board I can take care of about 95% of my potential customers with a VST3. Time's precious for me here and so when I'm making a whole new generation of code if I can get something out to 95% of the people with less work I'm going to do that.

Hopefully Reason will add VST3 support soon.

Meanwhile there are also ways to wrap a VST3 plugin in a VST2. It's not the ideal solution of course.

Did you ever consider CLAP support? Its pace is way faster than VST3 ages ago... It would open external per voice modulation in a DAW like Bitwig...
Not now of course, maybe after Sumu 1.0 and the port to VCV Rack...

yes absolutely to CLAP! no port to VCV Rack but we will fix the bugs with hosting the VST3.