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I remember a looong time ago (5 years? Maybe more?) one of the features of Aalto was hand-tuned tonal parameters for each user's installer to kinda emulate the slight variations in different pieces of analog gear. Seems like the direct download of a personalized installer for Aalto doesn't exist anymore in the account section, so I assume this was phased out (too much effort for too little benefit?).

I don't have much of an opinion one way or the other about it (I always did wonder what other people's plugins sounded like though) but just curious.

I remember it well. I'd call it a learning experience for me. :-) It wasn't a lot of effort, but a few people sort of freaked out about the idea of their synths having some intentional randomness that was out of their control and wanted to know things like, can I turn it off? does someone else have a better sounding one?

The differences were all very subtle, and probably not audible unless you knew what you were listening for.

There's a deeper lesson somewhere about the contradiction between peoples' desire for control with digital instruments and their embrace of analog flaws and restrictions.

People are full of contradictions aren't they. :~) Interesting to hear what happened, thanks.