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Is there any chance of iPad versions of these apps? West Coast style synths are much needed on iOS . Touch playing surfaces are a great fit for these synths. You have a lot of fans that would consider these insta-buys .

Yeah, I just signed up to show my interest. Over on the Audiobus Forums there was a thread about west coast style synths which led me here and the consensus was that Aalto is a great soft synth and would be much appreciated on iOS since there is not much choice of west coast style synths.

I have some things to finish first, but this is definitely on the roadmap. Thanks for the encouragement.

Hi. Just purchased Aalto for Mac. But I use iOS for music creation. Im very pleased to that you are considering iOS development!!


Psyched to hear that it is on the roadmap!

I own all your software products and consider your work to be instabuys. These days, I do most of my music on iPad, and am here to voice my support in favor of porting some of your technology to iOS. Also, really psyched for Sumu, whenever it lands.

The only thing I miss from my days producing on my desktop PC is Aalto. It would be an instant purchase for me, I really hope it happens!

yes: please port your Aalto and Kaivo software over to iOS machines, where it's sorely needed…

a new platform means also more work with support. I think this can become difficult for a small company. A good thing is to outsource this task. The gentlemen at Audulus do this very well. There is one who posts often in forums, proposes solutions for problems, works actively on hardware integration. Which gives the developer enough time to focus on his work.

Thanks for the thoughts. Right now it's just me doing software and support. Hopefully adding iOS stuff will help me get to the point where I can take on some help on the support end.

I opened my late '12 MacBook pro today to delete Logic Pro. It takes precious space on its 128GB flash drive. I did but then I found Garageband and there was Kaivo. I've almost forgotten I had an iPad.
All this just to say anything Madrona Labs on iOS is really welcome.

Just adding a note of support and encouragement. Love your synths, they'd be some of the top options for iPads - thank you!

I echo the desire for Madrona on iPad!

Aalto and Kaivo on iPad would be a game changer for me.

it looks like there will be a couple of free apps using the now open source Mutable Instruments resources. Although I would guess that Madrona Labs apps would be successful despite those announced MI apps, I would probably hesitate if I were Randy.

I think there are a couple of hurdles. Things have changed. In today's iOS world, the distinguished customer expects full iOS integration with support for Ableton Link's latest version, AU's latest version, IAA latest, as well as the current Audiobus integration. This is quite something, it needs a seasoned expert to accomplish this task. Synth apps usually need to be updated regularly. And there are the iOS updates too, which - again - regularly pose fundamental and painful problems to developers. Also there may appear problems with different devices, iPad Pro, different resolutions, etc. Maybe a collaboration with such a seasoned developer would make sense. A collaborator who would ideally also take care of customer support, otherwise this software forum would be floated with problems and requests from a completely new corner.

From my personal point of view, I would love to have Madrona Labs apps on my iPad, especially since I own a Sensel Morph controller (Madrona Labs synths belong to the few that really go well with this controller, or similar controllers).

To help with this problem, I may be able to contact certain iOS developers. But I understand fully if Randy decides against it, I would probably decide against it too if I were him. But who knows, sometimes opens a window with an opportunity, and things go easily.

Soundplane integration is another important topic. Some Soundplane owners would like to use the app, and how do you connect? This is going to be rather complicated. But not impossible.

Thanks for the thoughts. I'm more and more certain I'll do tablets eventually—it's just the way things are moving and an undeniably useful form factor for playing. This weekend I taped my macbook pro to a stool at a show. I would rather just not bring it.

Most iOS developers I know are moving towards AUv3 only, with a standalone if that makes sense.

With the "deprecation" of IAA (and thus, making Audiobus an AU host only as well, at which AUM is universally more used) AUv3 will be the way to go for the feature. The vast majority of iOS musicians want AUv3 above anything else. On every topic about every good new music app, everybody only wants to know if it has AUv3. Personally, I like a stand alone version as well, just to fiddle around with it without needing to start my host. It's pretty much the one and only standard which is always asked for.

I guess the yearly iOS (and now iPad OS lol) updates and changes to the platform (as well as to the App Store itself, like certification guidelines) are the bigger hassle. I have no idea about developing software, but I know that Bram Bos has a fairly easy job porting his apps to new display sizes and resolutions, because he uses vector based UIs. His apps are tiny in size. I guess an adaptable UI is immensely helpful in the realms of iOS.

Been vector-based here since 2009. I don't see all the trains coming, but I saw that one.

Randy, do you have any idea of when?
iOS is becoming a modular heaven. I could easily imagine Madronalabs modules as AUv3 inside say AUM or ApeMatrix.

Also I think I read apps in the upcoming iPadOS will work on MacOS.

No idea of when exactly. But it's clear tablets are a big part of the future.

very glad to hear that.

And this IAA and iPadOS thing made me laugh. Only one week since my last post and things have changed quite fundamentally. And I forgot about the fact that MadronaLabs synths are already vector based.

AU and standalone would be good.

Looking forward to the future developments.

To be honest, I have pretty much no idea about how much work and stress it is to port anything to iOS, but now that you released Aaltoverb it came to my mind that maybe that portion of Aalto may be a good "experiment" releasing plugins on iOS.

It could be true that it's way too much work for such a "little" plugin tho... what do I know.

I guess priorities are on Sumu right now and after that, we'll see. Still absolutely looking forward to someday playing with Aalto on my iDevices.

Hello, I'm late to the party, but this looks really great, I'd love it on iPad!

stumbled onto this thread after looking up buying a laptop just for the madrona labs stuff. iOS would be a dream!

Absolutely. I was just talking about this on the lines forum!

My whole new UI kit is designed with touch screens in mind, so...

@randy that’s great to hear! I hope there are good news in 2022. By the way, if you’re looking for beta testers don’t hesitate to come to the Audiobus forum, there are very capable folks over there.


Thanks to you@randy for even taking iOS into account! I'm sure Aalto will be very very VERY well received!! We are desperate for something like this.

The main reason it hasn't happened sooner is that people aren't willing to pay a lot for iPad apps. But I do still want it for myself! So it's still on my list.

I do think that things are changing slowly. It's still pretty low, nowadays it's not uncommon to see music apps for 20 or 30 euros, still much less than desktop, but for sure the days of synths for 99 cents are over! Anyway good luck and I look forward! Thank you!

I agree. $30 might be a good introduction price for the first month, then the official price of $50-60 or even higher. However this will possibly create a huge sale at the beginning, and then later only sporadic sales. And then there will come the question: 'what does Aalto better than my other 20 polyphonic synths I already have?'.

A rather clever approach did Imoxplus with its iOS version of the excellent Respiro instrument. The app is free, with a couple of good sounds, but no editing and saving. One can load patches exported from the desktop software, so users with a desktop license can do much more with the iOS app, while the others can enjoy the internal sounds without paying anything. The patch import is hardware specific, it can only be imported to a specific (machine number) iOS device. To prevent pirated patches.

For Aalto it would be different, sound editing should be allowed of course, but maybe just prevent saving (and import from desktop version).

The third option is to do a $10 version with no saving, and a $100 version with saving.

Yeah, not easy to decide which way to go. Maybe make a poll in the forum? I could do that, people know me there.