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As you can see, Aalto 1.2 is out for Mac and Windows.

Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with the Mac installer affecting about half of the population. I am working on a fix---please stay tuned.

The Windows installer as fine as far as I know, so have at it, and enjoy.

I'll be fulfilling all orders as soon as I get the installer issue sorted.


i've installed the demo and the installation works fine on my mac. how can i get my personal update ?


some issues ?

i have the patch dotted rolls running and moving the reverb abck and forth. the pan position pointer is hanging and the ouput window is not updating in time !

Andreas - The personal updates will be sent out as soon as the installer and email issues are sorted out. It looks likely that the installer is working now (more on that as we make final confirmation of this) while the email issues are dependent on the service provider Madrona uses. But we suspect these to be sorted out very quickly too! Thanks for your patience!

If I may be so bold - Gmail can mimic any email address with a few simple (supported) settings and can easily be used as a transport to avoid less-than-ideal service provider email accounts. I know it may not be enough to get you out of this jam (although it may) but I would highly recommend looking into it for the future - Aalto's popularity is securing itself I think!

Thanks for all your hard work on this Randy and whoever else is helping!

Thanks for the tip. My plan is just to get a real commercial-quality hosting provider, now that we can afford to.

So owners of 1.1 should expect an email containing the download of their watermarked copy of 1.2? I hope thats not a stupid question. good luck with the fixes!

@cscairney: That's correct, I tried to mail everyone bu my service provide cut off the script half way through the run, so I'm not sure who got mails and who didn't. :-( Email and I'll take are of it.

I am not a fellow developer, but as a fellow musician I would like to say Congratulations on this release! What a beautiful instrument!

working like a charm! awesome update!